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Well, then I convinced you that you want to find a job in consulting? These are the three main methods:

1. Manpower companies
2. Referral by A friend
3. Direct contact with the company

The first way speak for itself, on the second way i don't have much to say but typically is more quick (for better or worse), actually this is how I found my first job in consulting.


On this post I would like to write about the third and less popular one.
The advantage is that it lets you select more consulting companies specializing in what interests you, in terms of consulting methods and in the content world (Industry, Finance etc . . . ) , I recommend that you always start to interview with companies that are not on your top priority to warm up for the real interview.

What should be your starting point?

Of course consulting experience provides an advantage but definitely not a must, in addition an academic degree is recommended, industrial management or economics, although there are companies that wants people from all disciplines (no matter what the degree subject is,it is important is that it exists) to extend the variety of the company.

To simplify and to facilitate the process I decided to gather a list of Israeli companies by the consulting type with their websites, each link will take you directly to the site part where you send resumes:


Accenture – An American company with a small office in Israel but in good quality

Hoshen – a private consulting in organization and methods, and specializes mainly in working with banks.

Ergo – Organization and methods, mainly deals with data and banking service centers

Shaldor – Israeli company her expertise are in long term strategy and senior management consulting

Mitzov– The company specializes in brand reconstruction mainly in large companies.

 Tefen – the largest and most diverse consulting company in Israel, which has branches aborad

TACK – A growing private consulting firm that specialize  in large organizations and senior managers

 TASC – An Israeli consulting company that  specializes in strategy, especially in large-governmental organizations

McKinzey an CO – The world's largest consulting firm, Although small in Israel but its projects are based around the world and always deal with projects in huge scopes.

It is clear to me that I didn't remembered them all ,but the largest of the firm are above…

In any event, the first step is to get an interview.passing  it ? That is a different story entirely …

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    בהמשך לשורה האחרונה שלך, הוזמנתי לראיון בשבוע הבא באחת החברות הישראליות שציינת (באמת!), למה אני צריך להיות מוכן? איך אני מצליח בראיון? אילו מבחנים יש?


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    מתי הראיון ? אני מקווה לפרסם פוסט בנושא בסופ"ש…

  3. מתעניין הגיב:

    הראיון ביום שלישי, מקווה לקרוא את הפוסט שלך לפני…


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